"Great exercise bike! Delivered 3 days before expected.  Very quiet and smooth pedal. All electronic parts work great. Downloaded MyCloud Fitness app on IPhone XR and have had no problems. App seems to accurately reflect progress and workout. Connects via Bluetooth. Had no issues with connectivity. Manual Magnetic tension makes for a light or strenuous cardio exercise. Overall a great purchase for a great price."

 "Easy to put together, adjust to height, seat is wide and comfortable, can select different tension for riding. Has wheels and will fold. I downloaded the app but had a hard time using it. If you hold on to both handles it will tell you speed, calories burned, heart rate, time and miles."
 "Freaking love this thing. Super sturdy, easy to move around and out of the way. My only "complaint" would be the desk area could be a little bigger - it's not well suited for my MacBook and papers sitting next to it. If the padding on the bottom was straight instead of curved, then it would work, but the curving makes it so the Mac has to sit about three inches in from the side, which makes about eight inches of workspace not as easy to utilize. At first my kids made fun of me, but now I catch my teens on it all the time working online or even just watching Netflix. One of them posted a video of me working on it, and after I got tagged and it got shared I've had at least three friends order the bike and they love it too. It's a little bit of a pain to put together by yourself, but I managed to get it done in about an hour and a half (while watching a movie). Would highly recommend it, especially for the price."

"Super easy to put together as most of it comes pre-assembled.  The bike is a great ride and great exercise. Linking the app to the Bluetooth took seconds. Recommend that you use your own batteries."

-Ian Plunkett   5.0 out of 5 stars Great ride